Trust, Credibility, Integrity:

We conduct ourselves with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We comply with laws, regulations and other rules; establish good corporate ethics; and take all actions in accordance with our own high standards and conscience.

Vision, Dream, Hope:

Bearing the mid and long-term visions and dreams in mind, we make best efforts to attain them.

Change, Innovation, Leadership:

We always pay attention to changing social and economic conditions, whereby we try to reform ourselves continuously and to be a leader in the industry.


We treat others with respect and fairness.

Customer Satisfaction:

We understand that our success depends on our customers and we commit to serving them everyday. We always consider and behave, giving the first priority to customer satisfaction.

Performance & Achievement:

We assess individual employees based only on their results and achievements including process management. Each individual is provided the opportunity to accept additional challenges and responsibilities commensurate with the individual’s capability, competency and initiative and our corporate business goals.

Excellence in Execution:

We are passionately committed to excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do, by setting aggressive goals, being accountable for our actions and exhibiting positive leadership.

Quality, Cost & Speed:

We provide high quality products and services, at reasonable prices, in a timely manner, and make decisions without delay.


We value teamwork and help each other to succeed. We make the best use of the capabilities of individual employees and create, through mutual cooperation, a work environment suitable for the entire company or group.


We foster creative and innovative leadership in all aspects of our business. We develop specialty, skills, communication ability higher than what our customers or partners expect from us.


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